Traffic Management

Traffic Management Plans

Makesafe provides a detailed Traffic Plan Creation Team comprised of fully qualified Traffic Management Personnel. Using a wide variety of software including; Invarion’s Rapid Plan Software, Adobe Illustrator and Commercial NearMaps we are able to create accurate plans to all relevant stakeholders for acceptance. These plans are developed for site specific operations. Our plans are recognized as one of the highest standard in the state.

We employ a team of Planners in-house to ensure fast and accurate turn around.

Consultation & Traffic Management Solutions

Our experienced Management Team works with clients from start of Project to finish to ensure that all aspects of the site traffic Management are Planned and executed. Contact our team to discuss any requirements you may have.

Traffic Control Set Ups

Makesafe traffic controllers will set up all traffic control equipment as outlined by the traffic management plan. All Traffic Control setups comply with AS1742.3 Current version / Road Management Act 2004 & DPTI Regulations as per DPTI Field Guide – Traffic Control Devices for Workzone Traffic Management - Current Version.

All of our Vehicles come fully stocked with signs and devices and out depot has full stock of Spare or additional signs that any site may require.